Are you looking to move into Business Analysis as a career? Are you unsure of what a Business Analyst does and how you can become one?

Are you already a Business Analyst but you are looking for Practical Hands-on Training to make you proficient in a specific area of Business Analysis?

Is this you?

  • Unclear Concept

    Have you always wondered what Business Analysis is all about?

  • Too many options?

    Do you need to learn job-ready skills to make you more proficient on the job?
    Are you overwhelmed by the amount of information out there on Business Analysis and No Clear Roadmap?

  • No Confidence?

    Have you always wondered what Business Analysis is all about?

I teach anyone new to Business Analysis, or those seeking to increase their proficiency in specific Business Analysis competencies, how to become successful, and well-sought after Business Analysts.

What I Offer

  • Hands-On

    Practical Knowledge of using basic Business Analysis Tools and Techniques, with emphasis on hands-on exercises to validate learning

  • Clarity

    Demystify Business Analysis Concepts and Increase Students' confidence by conducting multiple in-course challenges

  • Coaching

    Coach you on how to tap into the myriad of opportunities to work as a Business Analyst

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Here are what some past students have said:

“The course and its content provided very useful insights into the world of Business Analysis. It was an interactive session and the weekly homework and midweek challenges helped to solidify the information received during the classes.”

Ola A

“I am very glad to have come across the link that said you were offering a 6 week class on the foundations of Business Analysis and so glad I joined. It has been totally worth it and more.

Firstly I will like to say a very big thank you for taking time out of your personal time to pass on your wealth of knowledge to others and the devotion and zeal you put into each classes.

The content of each of the modules are taught in a very straight forward and easy to grasp manner for people who are looking to start a new career in BA. The materials and assignments and mid week questions challenged your thoughts and got you to continually practice and have a better grasp of Business Analysis.

I never get bored of classes as each Saturday brings on new topic and new excitement. I highly recommend to anybody looking to have a better understanding or start a career in business analysis. Thank you again so much and I look forward to attending more classes with you”

Ali S

Download your free Business Analysis resource here

Featured Instructor

Some interesting information about the..

22 years ago, I started my career oblivious to the words 'Business Analysis' or what it entailed. I was only armed with a keen desire to help businesses find more efficient ways of working. This usually required a change to business processes and/or systems. In my own words, "I always wanted to help find solutions". Fast forward to today where I now consult as a Lead Business Analyst.

I have now taken all my experience and deliver these in a variety of formats to help you get to the same destination of being a successful and well sought-after Business Analyst.