Remember how you have always wanted to develop or switch to a career in Business Analysis, or how you see jobs advertised for Business Analysts, but assume that you may never get such jobs because you have no background or experience in this discipline and lack the confidence to put yourself forward for the roles?

If you currently find yourself in this situation and don't know the steps to take towards building a solid foundation as a Business Analyst, then this course is for you.

I was once in that exact position, but now have over 20 years of business analysis experience across multiple banking functions, I help others navigate this journey, and I can show you how to get there as well.

I take the hood off the complex terms and navigate you through the course in an easy to understand manner, with multiple opportunities to validate your learning..

You need someone that will actually show you what it takes to become a successful Business Analyst and get you to simulate work-type scenarios

Course Objectives

  • Simplifies Complex Terms

    Get a good foundation in understanding the complex terms used in the world of Business Analysis and understand the different Business Analyst tools used in each project management framework

  • Increases your confidence

    Get a clear view of what to look for in Business Analyst jobs and what to highlight when applying.
    Walk away with increased confidence to apply for jobs, based on a better understanding of Business Analysis concepts.

  • Clarifies how to succeed

    Conclude the course with a full understanding of what it takes to be a successful and well sought-after Business Analyst and be more confident in your understanding of how to get there.

At the end of this course, you'll be able to

  • Understand BA in project management frameworks

    Understand common project management frameworks and the role of the business analysts in each.

  • Learn about tools used by Business Analysts

    Understand what tool is applicable at each point in the project

  • Developed significant confidence

    Be able to confidently discuss Business Analyst roles and correctly analyze a Business Analyst Job description

Course curriculum

  • 01


    • Welcome and Introduction to Business Analysis Foundations (Self-paced guide)

    • Course Goals

  • 02

    Module 1 : Understand who is a Business Analyst and key responsibilities

    • Module Introduction

    • Who is a Business Analyst?

    • BAF-V-MOD1-Quiz 1: Sequence of Tasks

    • Key Responsibilities of a Business Analyst

    • Specialized Business Analysts

    • BAFV-MOD1-Quiz 2: Specialized Business Analysis Functions

    • Fundamental Non-Technical Skills

    • Commonly Required Technical Skills

    • Recap

    • BAFV-MOD1-Action Items

    • Module 1 Course Material

  • 03

    Module 2: The role of the Business Analyst in Project Management frameworks

    • Module Introduction (BAF-MOD2)

    • SDLC Traditional Waterfall Framework (BAF-MOD2)

    • Quiz 1: Sequence of Tasks for Waterfall (BAF-MOD2)

    • Quiz 2: Business Analyst contribution to Waterfall model (BAF-MOD2)

    • The Business Analyst Role in a Traditional Waterfall Project lifecycle (BAF-MOD2)

    • Agile Scrum Framework (BAF-MOD2)

    • Key Concepts in Agile Scrum (BAF-MOD2)

    • The Scrum Team (BAF-MOD2)

    • Quiz 3: Business Analyst in Scrum Roles (BAF-MOD2)

    • Business Analyst Roles in Agile Scrum (BAF-MOD2)

    • Quiz 4: BA in the Scrum Team (BAF-MOD2)

    • Business Analyst in a Process Improvement Project (BAF-MOD2)

    • Traditional Waterfall vs Agile Scrum (BAF-MOD2)

    • Action Items (BAF-MOD2)

    • Recap (BAF-MOD2)

    • Module 2 - Course Material

  • 04

    Module 3: Identify different Stakeholders the Business Analyst works with and the documents used for each interaction

    • Module Introduction and Outcomes (BAFV-MOD3)

    • Stakeholders (BAFV-MOD3)

    • Business User (BAFV-MOD3)

    • Project Manager (BAFV-MOD3)

    • BAFV-MOD3-Quiz 1: Reference Document

    • Design and Development (BAFV-MOD3)

    • Solution Architect (BAFV-MOD3)

    • Database Designer (BAFV-MOD3)

    • Software Developer (BAFV-MOD3)

    • BAFV-MOD3-Quiz 2: Reference point of discussions with Project Team

    • Quality Assurance (BAFV-MOD3)

    • BAFV-MOD3-Quiz 3: Quality Assurance Documents

    • Other Stakeholders (BAFV-MOD3)

    • Recap (BAFV-MOD3)

    • BAFV-MOD3- Action Items

    • BAFV-MOD3-Action Items Answer Key

    • BAFV-MOD3-Survey

    • Module 3 - Course Material

  • 05

    Module 4: The Business Analyst Toolkit - a walk-through of tools used by Business Analysts (Part 1)

    • Module 4 Introduction and Outcomes

    • BRD Sections

    • BRD Sections - Key Questions

    • Project Background and Purpose (BAFV-MOD4)

    • Project Scope (BAFV-MOD4)

    • Assumptions and Dependencies (BAFV-MOD4)

    • Quiz 1: Sections of a BRD (BAFV-MOD4)

    • BRD-Functional_Non-Functional (BAFV-MOD4)

    • Quiz 2: Classify the Requirement (BAFV-MOD4)

    • BRD-Context Diagrams (BAFV-MOD4)

    • BRD-Business Process Model (BAFV-MOD4)

    • Quiz 3: Visual Tools (BAFV-MOD4)

    • BRD-Data Dictionary (BAFV-MOD4)

    • BRD-UI Specification (BAFV-MOD4)

    • System Requirement Specification (BAFV-MOD4)

    • Quiz 4: The Data List (BAFV-MOD4)

    • BAFV-MOD4-Recap

    • Action Items (BAFV-MOD4)

    • Survey (BAFV-MOD4)

    • Module 4 - Course Material

  • 06

    Module 5: The Business Analyst Toolkit - a walk-through of tools used by Business Analysts (Part 2)

    • Introduction and Key Outcome

    • Recap Agile SRCUM (BAFV-05)

    • User Story (BAFV-05)

    • Use Case (BAFV-05)

    • Quiz #1: Agile Scrum Requirements (BAFV-MOD5)

    • Quiz #2: Sections of a Use Case (BAFV-MOD5)

    • Data Model (BAFV-05)

    • Quiz #3: Data Model Entities

    • RAID Log (BAFV-05)

    • Quiz #4: RAID Log sections (BAFV-MOD5)

    • Recap (BAFV-MOD5)

    • Action Items (BAFV-MOD5)

    • Request for Testimonial

    • Module 5 - Course Material

  • 07

    Module 6: Understanding the Business Analysis job market and how to apply for roles

    • Introduction and Key Outcomes

    • Breaking down Business Analyst Job Descriptions

    • Business Analysis Courses and Commonly Required Certifications

    • Domain Certifications (Financial Domain)

    • Bringing it all In

    • Next Steps on Your Journey

    • Module 6 - Course Material

  • 08

    Free Resources

    • Business Analysis Cheat Sheet

    • BA Development Strategy Worksheet (Print Out and Complete)

If you are looking to transition into a career in Business Analysis, then Business Analysis Foundations will teach you about the specific relevant skills, tools, and interactions you must develop to make you a successful Business Analyst.

Hear from some Business Analysis Foundations Course Students

Highly Motivating"
"This course was so practical and the information provided was very insightful.

Eniola is a highly detailed professional and it can be clearly seen in the modules covered and her adept delivery of the course.

I truly enjoyed this course and the end of it has me yearning for more knowledge and highly motivated to do the work needed to kick-start my BA career and of course, coming back to Eniola to help me along this exciting new journey.

To Eniola, I say a huge "Thank You" for igniting my BA fire. Great Job!”


Educative and Enlightening"
"I would definitely recommend the Business Analysis course offered by Simply Business Analysis to anyone starting off their career as a BA or already experienced Senior BA experts.

The sessions were quite detailed, educative and enlightening. The tutor made it so simple and I’m eagerly looking forward to putting all I learned to practice and good use. Thanks so much for super-fast delivery and a job well done!

Tope F

Gave me Answers"
The Business Analysis Foundation Course gave me answers/insights to following statements/questions ...:
- The scope of the BA role
- The tools & skills required to function in the role
- Project artefacts & deliverables
- Am I doing the right things the right way or the right things the wrong way?
- Where I need to focus more attention, to become a well rounded Business Analyst ... in 4.5 hours.”

Oye O

What's included in the Business Analysis Foundations Course

  • Lifetime access to Personal Learning Area, where you have access to downloadable Business Analysis Templates, EBooks, and course material.

  • Self-paced component that allows you to re-visit notes and videos of concepts taught, at your own pace.

  • Facebook Community, where students can interact and share ideas, ask questions, and participate in challenges.

Bonus material

  • BA Strategy Worksheet

    Get a Worksheet that will help you as you map out your strategy for success

  • BA Cheat Sheet

    Get the summarized version of the Business Analyst's world

  • Discount on a future course

    Get a 10% discount on the full price on a future SBA course. Note that this discount cannot be combined with other offers at redemption.

Featured Instructor

22 years ago, I started my career oblivious of the words 'Business Analysis' or what it entailed. I was only armed with a keen desire to help businesses find more efficient ways of working. This usually required a change to business processes and/or systems. In my own words, "I always wanted to help find solutions". Fast forward to today where I now consult as a Lead Business Analyst, using all the tools that I share about in this course.